What is this service all about?

Our Bosch IoT Analytics services make analyzing field data much simpler. In contrast to the usual, more project-oriented approach, our cloud services offer a cost-efficient way to address recurring analytics functions.

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Bosch IoT Analytics Data analytics help to get actionable insights from IoT data

Anomaly detection

Companies can use our anomaly detection service to help them investigate problems that occur in their devices. These services can track problems over a period of time defined by the user. Thereafter, actions can be defined and automatically initiated to resolve the problem.

Usage profiling

Companies can engage our usage profiling service to determine typical usage patterns within a group of devices. In the example given above, this involves analyzing those functions of a connected lawn mower that are frequently used in conjunction with each other. This makes it possible to empirically review assumptions made regarding customer segmentation and target group preferences. And the usage data also provides valuable hints for redesigning devices.

White paper = Anomaly detection with event data in the IoT

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How can I make use of Bosch IoT Analytics?

Bosch IoT IoT Analytics is available as a fully managed, shared service in the Bosch IoT Cloud.

Service plans at a glance

Bosch IoT Analytics provides progressive service plans. Any additional capacity is granted in a usage-based pricing model.

Free Starter Premium
Execution window (with shared resources) -
Scheduled execution -
Prioritized execution option -
Dedicated analytics instance - -
Email / SMS notification -
Dashboard variants - -
Customization of dashboard variants 1 , 2 -
Customization of data pre-processing 1, 2 -
Customization of machine learning algorithms 1 - -
Included capacity
Execution time 2 hours/month 8 hours/month 120 hours/month
Data upload 3 0.2 GB 5 GB 10 GB
Additional capacity with a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ pricing -
  • [1] Requires due to security constraints special contract.
  • [2] Starter plan: charged feature; Premium plan: included feature.
  • [3] Data upload from databases limited by size of instance.


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