What is this service all about?

The Bosch IoT Hub is a fully managed cloud service that allows to connect devices through various protocols to applications in the IoT in a secure, reliable and elastic scaling manner.

The Bosch IoT Hub allows to easily and securely connect devices to your IoT applications. As a result, IoT applications are able to retrieve telemetry data from devices and send command/control messages to the devices. The Bosch IoT Hub comes with out-of-the-box support for interacting with MQTT and HTTP enabled devices. As the IoT is characterized through device heterogeneity and diversity, the Bosch IoT Hub provides a pluggable architecture that allows to support additional protocols (even proprietary ones) via so called custom protocol adapters.
Bosch IoT Hub The role of the Bosch IoT Hub within your IoT solution.

Key Features

Key features that simplify development of IoT applications are:

  • Easily and securely connect devices via an uniform API to your application regardless of the IoT protocol used by your devices
  • Out-of-the-box support for interacting with MQTT and HTTP enabled devices
  • Scalability and high performance for millions of devices sending billions of messages
  • Device identity and credentials management for IoT applications
  • Fully-managed, high quality cloud service optimized for high availability and cost efficiency
  • Optional off-the-shelf integration with other Bosch IoT Suite services

How can I make use of Bosch IoT Hub?

Bosch IoT Hub will soon be available as a fully managed, shared service on AWS (Beta version)

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