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Logo of the EEBUS SPINE protocol.

About EEBus SPINE technology

SPINE (Smart Premises Interoperable Neutral-message Exchange) defines a neutral layer that helps connect different technologies to enable easy operation and intelligent energy management.

As SPINE only defines messages and procedures at the application level, it is completely independent from the transport protocol used.

Any technology that supports the bi-directional exchange of arbitrary data can be used more or less directly – e.g. SHIP, which is also created by EEBus.

Bosch IoT Edge speaks EEBus SPINE

The Bosch IoT Edge EEBus SPINE module is compatible with EEBus SPINE standard-compliant devices from more than 60 companies.

Devices from Bosch Home Appliances have been fully tested with the latest release of the Bosch IoT Edge stack.

Connecting your devices

For details on the supported features of the Bosch IoT Edge EEBUS SPINE connectivity module, check out the online documentation.