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About KNX technology

KNX technology is a worldwide standard for applications in home and building control as well as household appliances, audio, and lots more.

A KNX installation always consists of a set of devices connected to the bus or network.

KNX device models vary according to node roles, capabilities, management features, and configuration modes.

Bosch IoT Edge speaks KNX

The Bosch IoT Edge KNX module is compatible with over 7,000 KNX-certified devices.

Interfaces from Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH and Weinzierl Engineering GmbH, and devices from the Hager Group have been fully tested with the latest release of the Bosch IoT Edge stack.

Connecting your devices

Follow the steps in this tutorial to connect your devices to the Bosch IoT Suite.

For details on the supported features of the Bosch IoT Edge KNX connectivity module, check out the online documentation.