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About Modbus technology

The Modbus® protocol is the most widely used network protocol in the industrial manufacturing environment.

However, Modbus is not only an industrial protocol – building, infrastructure, transportation, and energy applications also make use of its benefits.

Bosch IoT Edge speaks Modbus

The Bosch IoT Edge Modbus module is compatible with thousands of certified devices.

There are several third-party applications that use the Bosch IoT Edge Modbus stack in production, but there is no specific device data or model information available to us.

The Bosch IoT Edge Modbus module features a Modbus Simulator. This is essentially a Modbus slave device and provides a Java API for configuration and manipulation of the device data model. It was intended to be used by the developers and was created with integration and unit testing in mind.

Connecting your devices

Follow the steps in our quickstart guide to connect your devices to a gateway running Bosch IoT Edge.

To take full advantage of the complete Bosch IoT Suite including cloud connectivity contact our IoT platform experts, see  support.

For details on the supported features of the Bosch IoT Edge Modbus connectivity module, check out the online documentation.


Modbus® is a registered trademark of Schneider Electric, licensed to the Modbus Organization, Inc.