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Supported protocols

More than 33,000 edge devices, speaking different protocols can be connected via Bosch IoT Edge. It makes devices smart by processing and managing device data locally for quick, intelligent decisions at the edge.

Check out various protocols and compatible devices.


More than 140+ vendors specifying BACnet products

A communication protocol designed to allow communication of building automation and control systems.

Bluetooth LE

Compatible with 5,000+ certified devices

A packet-based protocol, perfect for short-range wireless transmissions between electronic devices.


Compatible with 50+ certified devices

A powerful extension to the proven standard, bringing the benefits of DECT to the sensor/actuator domain.


More than 60 companies speaking EEBUS

A neutral layer which helps to connect different technologies to enable intelligent energy management.

Home Connect

Compatible with dozens of appliances

A protocol for connecting applications with home appliances.


Compatible with 8,000+ certified devices

A worldwide standard for applications in home and building control, household appliances, audio, and more.


Compatible with 1,300+ certified devices

A widely used network protocol in the industrial manufacturing environment and beyond.


Compatible with 13,500+ certified devices

An open industry standard that provides interoperability among IP security devices such as cameras.


Compatible with 2,200 certified devices

A wireless networking protocol suitable for use in home and industrial systems.


Compatible with 3,000+ certified devices

A protocol designed for applications in residential and light commercial environments.

Our software platform already connects more than 10 million devices and gateways across a variety of different domains.

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