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Bosch cleaning robot (Home Connect)

Manufacturer: BSH Home Appliances

The Bosch Roxxter with Home Connect is an intelligent vacuum cleaner that knows your home and does the cleaning while you are out.

Intelligent, small and powerful – the Bosch Roxxter with Home Connect can be set up in various ways and can be controlled from anywhere in the world. The robot vacuum cleaner scans its surroundings and compiles its own map of your home. As well as being displayed in the Home Connect app, it can be used interactively. Using “RoomSelect”, you can select individual rooms for cleaning. With the “No-Go Zone” function you can exclude areas that you do not want to be cleaned. You can also monitor the robot vacuum cleaner’s progress in real time and use the app to check which areas have already been cleaned and how much dust has been collected in each area/room. These and many more functions are all made possible thanks to Home Connect.

Home Connect