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Bosch dishwashers (Home Connect)

Manufacturer: BSH Home Appliances

Dishwashers with Home Connect provide you with intelligent dishwashing programs and an array of functions for gleaming results.

Dishwashers with Home Connect make everyday life easier with intelligent dishwashing programs and an array of smart functions. Simply select a program and keep an eye on the status with the Home Connect app. Or let the Easy Start Assistant choose the best dishwashing program depending on the type and number of dishes and how dirty they are. You can also program the operating times of each of your appliances. If you have an EEBUS-based energy management system or a third-party energy manager, your dishwasher with flexible start can even be set to come on when your energy tariff is cheapest or your own solar panels – if you have them – are generating power. With these and various additional functions, Home Connect dishwashers provide you with the most economical way to wash the dishes and offer you a variety of possible applications for gleaming results

Home Connect