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RSL10 Sensor Development Kit

Manufacturer: onsemi

Ready-to-use, compact platform with nine sensors and the RSL10 SIP as BLE Tranceiver.

The RSL10 Sensor Development Kit (RSL10−SENSE−GEVK, RSL10−SENSE−DB−GEVK) is a compact, node-to-cloud IoT sensor platform that enables the development of a wide range of Bluetooth® Low Energy applications. Alongside the platform and supporting software, the RSL10 Sensor Development Kit includes a mobile app to interact with sensors and actuators.

The board features the RSL10 SIP, the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth® 5 radio, and high-performance environmental sensors from ON Semiconductor and Bosch Sensortec. By combining motion, environmental, ambient light sensing with the ultra-low-power consumption of the Bluetooth® 5 Certified RSL10, the platform enables OEMs to realize a new class of battery-powered static, mobile and wearable smart sensors for consumer and industrial IoT applications.

Bluetooth® LE

Acceleration, Air quality, Atmospheric pressure, Audio, Gyroscope, Magnetic strength, Moisture, Temperature