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RSL10 Smart Shot Camera Development Kit

Manufacturer: onsemi

Event-Triggered Bluetooth® Low Energy Camera Platform with Sensors and Cloud Imaging Analytics

The RSL10 Smart Shot Camera is a complete node-to-cloud platform that enables smart image capture for portable, low duty cycle IoT applications including asset monitoring and security. Based on the RSL10 SIP and ARX3A0 CMOS image sensor, the platform features multiple trigger modes including time, motion detection, and environmental sensor triggers (e.g. changes in temperature and humidity).

The RSL10 SIP serves as the processing hub of the camera, enabling Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity of captured image and sensor data to the provided mobile app (available on GooglePlay™, iOS®).

Using the app, developers can access a variety of features including cloud connectivity, remote configuration of sensors (thresholds and default settings), and change the image capture trigger modes. Connected to an Image Analytics/AI engine, located in the cloud, the app is capable of detecting and identifying objects using an AI cloud service. The mobile application returns the captured image, along with the list of identified objects and confidence levels.

Bluetooth® LE

Image, Acceleration, Humidity, Motion, Temperature