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Transport Data Logger Freight Guard (TDL140)

Manufacturer: Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH | Note that the device is deprecated

Ensures transparency across the whole supply chain: the Transport Data Logger Freight Guard (TDL140).

The Transport Data Logger Freight Guard (TDL140) is your real time tool to track assets, shipments and goods in transit, creating customer trust with reliable information in every transportation mode. To prevent concealed damages or misdirected shipments, internal sensors enable condition monitoring– no matter if the shipment is transported via air, sea, rail or road. This makes the TDL140 the solution of choice for bringing transparency into the whole supply chain. The Transport Data Logger Freight Guard is a further developed version of the Transport Data Logger 110. The main difference between them is the real-time tracking functionality of the TDL140.


Commercial state
Commercially usable

Acceleration, Light, Shock, Temperature