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Bosch device management confirmed “Best in Class” for the second time

20 min (25 pages)

PAC | teknowlogy group

PAC Radar on IoT Platforms for device management in Europe 2018

Part of the large teknowlogy Group, PAC analyzed 18 companies in the field of IoT platforms for device management in the European market. Four companies were rated as “Best in Class,” with Bosch IoT Suite’s device management securing the position of benchmark for the second consecutive year.

In the study, PAC groups the existing IoT platforms into two different categories, horizontal IoT platforms and vertical IoT platforms. Horizontal platforms provide support for specific use cases across many industries and devices, including IoT platforms for device management. Vertical IoT platforms, on the other hand, provide support for a specific set of use cases, dedicated to the needs of one vertical context.

Device management of Bosch.IO is
“Best in Class”

The PAC analysts rated Bosch.IO (formerly Bosch Software Innovations) as “Best in Class” in the domain of IoT platforms for device management, stressing the ability of software updates for device fleets and /or remote control of devices. IoT platforms for device management support the critical management of various device fleets on a large scale . From a functional perspective, besides device provisioning, these platforms mainly focus on centrally managed software updates at the device level (for security or functional reasons), but also remote configuration and control of devices.

Among the criteria that ranked significantly above average for Bosch.IO, the report names

  • Strategic focus on IoT platforms & strategic activities over the last 12 months
  • Strategic cooperation with other top IoT providers
  • IoT device management capabilities
  • IoT ecosystem of developers & systems integrators in Europe
  • Go-to-market via third-party IoT platforms and developer communities
  • Client references and market perception in Europe
  • Financial strength

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