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Bosch IoT Suite rated as leading IoT platform for device management

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Bosch IoT Suite: Leading for IoT device management

In particular, MachNation cited Bosch’s unique strengths in the following areas:

  • Bosch IoT Remote Manager has been integrated with Bosch IoT Things: This integration provides customers with added control over their devices in the field, as well as a time and money-saving IoT solution in a single service.
  • Bosch IoT Rollouts is an efficient software update orchestration tool: Bosch IoT Rollouts can be used to create “auto-assignments” associated with device types or attributes. This reduces time and complexity for continuously scaling deployments.
  • Bosch.IO completes systematic IoT performance and scalability testing of Bosch IoT Suite services: Regular performance and scalability testing of an IoT platform’s underlying services provides customers with the assurance that an IoT platform will perform at production scale. This provides a strong customer value proposition

MachNation IoT Device Management Scorecard 2020

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"Bosch has a particularly strong offering in the growing IoT device management ecosystem."

About the report

According to MachNation, the IoT device management space is one of the most important and complex technology areas of the Internet of Things. Enterprises realize that support for IoT devices in a heterogeneous environment enables them to launch new services, create revenue opportunities, and minimize solution support costs.

MachNation has evaluated 13 device management vendors among the categories Lifecycle Management, Architecture and Security, Integration, as well as Business and Strategy. In their device management scorecard, they rank Bosch IoT Suite as leading in IoT device management.