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Our ranking in IoT User Survey 2019

15 min (52 pages)

teknowlogy Group

"Bosch IoT changes the way we collect data. With more devices online the possibilities are endless."
Developer, 100 - 500 employees, logistics

The market for IoT platforms is diverse, and organizations sometimes struggle to identify the provider that best fits their specific needs. However, the actual number of IoT platform users is growing steadily as the market becomes increasingly mature. Organizations looking for the right solution can draw on the experience of these users concerning their use of one or sometimes several different IoT platforms.

Aiming to broaden the base for guidance in this field, the teknowlogy Group asked over 2,000 users to share their views on 38 different IoT platforms. Bosch IoT Suite was one of the platforms included in this survey. We are delighted to share some of the highlights of how users rated us in the categories security, performance satisfaction, customer recommendation, and timeline.

The IoT User Survey 2019

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User satisfaction with the level of security provided by the platform

Award top-ranked in performance satisfaction from teknowlogy

Bosch.IO (formerly Bosch Software Innovations) is perceived as the provider offering the most secure IoT platform among all the platforms. Bosch IoT Suite offers distinctive components in this context: first, central management of asset data and secure messaging. Second, user management, role-based access control and multi-tenancy for IoT applications. And third, management of large-scale rollouts of device software/firmware updates (wired or over-the-air).

The state of security in the IoT space is highly affected by how easily, fast and efficiently an IoT platform can handle software updates to ensure the security of connected devices on a large scale. From our perspective, especially Bosch IoT Rollouts therefore is an important tool in the IoT security context. Only the roll-out of software (firmware) updates ensures the best possible security level for IoT-connected devices out in the field and to resolve security-related issues that may arise after connected devices have been delivered to the customer. Embedded software developers must be aware of this challenge and ensure that security-related software updates are constantly developed and implemented. Bosch IoT Suite provides strong remote software provisioning capabilities for this.

"It‘s a very important solution since it provides ease of operation along with security and reliability."
Project Manager, 100 - 500 employees, construction

Performance satisfaction

The frequency of problems encountered in terms of performance issue

Award top-ranked in recommendation from teknowlogy

The “Performance satisfaction“-KPI measures the frequency of problems encountered in terms of performance issues. Performance and availability of an IoT platform is key, especially in the industrial space. This KPI is therefore strongly related to the foundation and heritage of the Bosch Group. Without secured performance with little to no downtime, manufacturing processes or supply chains would go uncontrolled from time to time – something that is, of course, unacceptable in the industrial space.

Across all the relevant peer groups, Bosch.IO manages to be ranked first place in the “Performance satisfaction“-category. This strong benefit of Bosch IoT Suite is underpinned by the fact that users of the Bosch IoT platform regularly report they do not experience any downtime at all. In addition, this illustrates well the achieved maturity stage of their IoT platform. Without this maturity, a high level of performance, reliability and availability would not be possible.

"The platform solves complex issues with no downtime."
Digital Business Unit, > 501 employees, education

Customer recommendation

Proportion of users that say they would recommend the platform to others

Award top-ranked in timeline from teknowlogy

Bosch.IO’s IoT solutions have a strong recommendation rate by the users across all peer groups. Due to the ability to serve customers’ needs with the right service at the right time, the users usually recommend Bosch.IO, which indicates high customer satisfaction.

Compared to other large enterprises, EMEA-based or device management-focused providers, Bosch.IO is the absolute leader in the “Recommendation“-KPI. This also represents a strong proof point for the flexibility of Bosch IoT Suite, indicating that the solution can be very well adapted to meet the different needs of different users in highly diverse verticals, from the automotive industry to the agriculture sector.

"The platform lowered our fuel costs through optimization of the supply chain."
Business Consultant, > 1,001 employees, logistics


How long the implementation process lasts compared to expectations

Shot of a young businesswoman using a digital tablet out on the balcony of a modern office

Due to the issue of complexity, implementing and integrating IoT platforms into the ecosystem of a business can turn out to be a time-consuming effort – especially when faced with a large number of diverse, connected devices. The vast majority of the users of Bosch IoT Suite report that the implementation process went even faster than expected.

Due to the product’s emphasis on flexibility, schedules did not even get affected by last-minute changes to the requirements during the implementation phase. Therefore, Bosch.IO is ranked first place among the peer groups of large enterprises, EMEA-based providers and device management-focused platforms.