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Bosch IoT Edge Agent: new options for configuring containers and cloud connectivity

Bosch IoT Edge enables devices for AIoT with connectivity, management, applications, and updates. Bosch IoT Edge Agent provides the essential IoT enablement for an edge device – cloud connectivity, local messaging, software updates and containers management for a wide variety of device platforms.

The new Bosch IoT Edge release – Bosch IoT Edge Agent 1.4.0 is introducing new options for configuring containers and cloud connectivity.

Containers configuration

  • IoT Things representation configuration – static configuration of the desired Ditto features is included in the dedicated :edge:containers Ditto thing instance. A new field called features is added in the things entry in the engine’s JSON static configuration. A more fine-grained representation control is provided by enabling inclusion of only the configured features.
  • Containers soft update – configurations that do not require a recreation of a container can now be updated at runtime via CLI. Currently supported to be updated via CLI are restart policy and name.

For more information, refer to manage containers.

Cloud connectivity configuration using JSON

Cloud connectivity of Bosch IoT Edge Agent is realized by the cloud agent. The cloud agent is the main coordination center which forwards local and remote messages.  Settings for the cloud agent can now be defined in a JSON configuration file containing all flag values.

For more information, refer to cloud connectivity.

For full release notes and documentation, visit Bosch IoT Edge.