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Bosch IoT Insights: preparation for Access Control Extension continues

Access Control Extension preparation

We continue our effort in preparing the Access Control Extension feature for Bosch IoT Insights. In this sprint, we made sure that the existing api keys will still work (INS-1007) and changed roll conventions (INS-1266). All this preparation is not visible to customers and will be deployed all at once at some point in the future.

Bring your own Things supports OAuth2 Client (INS-1085)

The Bosch IoT Suite OAuth2 Client (Suite Auth Client) is now on the default authorization method for Bosch IoT Things. Therefore, we added this functionality to the Bosch IoT Insights configuration for a custom Bosch IoT Things connection. In the near future, we will perform a migration of all existing Bosch IoT Things connections.

Customers, who configured their own Bosch IoT Things instance for their Bosch IoT Insights project, will receive an E-Mail, asking them to create and enter their OAuth2 Client.

Things Admin UI

Device history available on other clouds (AWS & Azure)(INS-787)

The device history feature is now also available to Bosch IoT Things instances that are hosted on AWS and Azure. Before, this was only available for instances hosted on Bosch IoT Cloud. At the moment, achieving a working connection requires dedicated expertise and configuration effort with regard to a customer’s Bosch IoT Things solution. We plan to ease the configuration or totally automate the setup in the future. We will inform you when a more user-friendly approach is available. If you are interested to use this feature right now, please contact our support team.

Quality improvements

The test and code structure of the iTrams Decoder has been improved and aligned with other parsers (INS-1025). In addition, some third-party dependency weaknesses have been addressed (INS-1220 & INS-1275). These changes are not visible to customers.

The project migration from custom processors towards the processing pipeline also continues; preparations for later plan upgrades and premium customers have been finalized.


  • INS-1123: Calendar action mail should now contain start and stop time
  • INS-1141: Car Media Lab Sending: Fixed downloaded zipped input document checksum error
  • INS-1188: Device UI: Missing backdating dialog by adding information block
  • INS-1199: Fixed width when editing Thing Attributes in Devices
  • INS-1259: Action Button Widget did not encode some characters correctly
  • INS-1189: Processing Pipeline UI: Processing Logs had problems rendering long error messages