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Bosch IoT Insights: Calendar Widget supports device details content and other improvements

The latest version of Bosch IoT Insights comes with various improvements.

Calendar Widget – Device details content are now extendable/customizable

We have extended the device details content of the calendar widget with following options:

  • The User is now able to choose and display additional device details in the calendar.
  • You are now able to see the device details in the event popover, timeline and in the table view.
  • The additional details are based on the device type and can be configured in the calendar configuration.

Find more details in the documentation: Calendar widget – Bosch IoT Insights

CML upload API is now available for all projects

As of now every project can use the already existing CML (CarMediaLab) Upstream Service.
Using the CarMediaLab (CML) Upstream Service, you can directly send data from the CML Flea box (3 or 4)  to your Bosch IoT Insights project via HTTP(S) using the CML upstream protocol.

For more information, please take a look at our online documentation: CML Upstream Service
The API reference you can find at: API references.

Project specific whitelist for identity provider

Before the update, there was a dialog message to confirm user selection.
If a user does not have access to a specific project he will get an error screen with an option to log out and log in again with a different identity provider.
Now, the admin users are able to set the allowed identity provider by choosing from the supported identity providers.
You can find this inside the Admin > Project > Access page.

Refresh client authorities without log out & log in

Previously, users had to log out and log back in for new roles to be applied.
We have adjusted the logic when roles are changed. A refresh of the user session occurs with the next request triggered by that user. The new roles are now being applied immediately.

Calendar events are now exportable as ICS

Users are now able to export a booking events via an ICS file into their local outlook calendar.

Further improvements

  • Implement a delay queue in case of in-performant Keycloak access
  • E2E test finding – Data Browser Pagination invalid, since dbstats invalid
  • MongoDB Query Service extension to whitelist new Timeseries operators
  • Calendar widget: improvement for calendar horizontal scrolling
  • Making the decoder request history project specific and accessible via lookup

Bugs fixed

We also have addressed the following bugs and fixed them accordingly:

INS-3714: Map Widget does not show on Mobile Phone
INS-3555: REST API definition should be deleted if a dashboard is deleted
INS-3873: Action button widgets should be correctly saveable
INS-3792: History entry for device linking does not show up for parent device
INS-3794: Playback Widget – Does not show title
INS-3633: Calendar Booking email template: heading and text still say SFDE
INS-3648: Calendar: Possibility in Mobile mode to enter a DateTime in Calendar Booking dialog
INS-3871: Device details widget – notes block not working
INS-3916: Access Denied Handling corrupted in the UI
INS-3917: Resource not found exception during consent process
INS-3919: Security – Major Security Bug due to Consent Management
INS-3498: Read Ticket Management – UI timeout handling does not work well

System stabilization and Updates

INS-3783: Nexus IQ [org.tallison : metadata-extractor :] SONATYPE-2021-4936
INS-3862: Nexus IQ [org.apache.tika : tika-core : 1.28.2] CVE-2022-30973
INS-3863: Nexus IQ [org.bouncycastle : bcprov-ext-jdk15on : 1.60]
INS-3476: completely remove Java 8 from Jenkins Build(Docker Container)
INS-2839: Update Python version information hints to 3.9