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Bosch IoT Insights: cancelable queries and decoder usage for all plans

Pay-as-you-go price model

For the new pay-as-you-go plan, it is important that longer-running queries can be cancelled.

  • Make it possible for project admins to stop long running queries (INS-2428)

Enhance the input deletion function – “delete only processed data”

A new data deletion mode has been implemented, which allows the user to only delete processed data documents and keep the actual input data for reprocessing.

Table widget with action button

It is now possible to add actions inside a table widget, with the same feature set as an action button widget.

Table widget with CSV export

The table widget now provides extended download support, where the user can download the displayed data directly as CSV.

Other improvements

  • A read ticket limit for free plans has been set (INS-2436)
  • Activated decoder usage for all paid plans (INS-2586)
  • Queries in the history are tagged, depending on whether it was started over the UI or API (INS-2534)


In addition, we have applied the following fixes to the service:

INS-2293  Chip deletion buttons should have a more tolerant hitbox

INS-2652  Pipeline app deletion does not work with Bosch employee login

INS-2684  Booking a whole day in the calendar, that day should be booked and not the day before

INS-2716   Device images should stay visible when working on device types

INS-2744  Table Widget – Auto Refresh is not working

INS-2704  Reprocess anyway should work as expected for Premium Plans, when a reprocessing job is already running

INS-2241 Datetime picker ignores day saving time and custom timezone

INS-2843 Booking Dialog: User is not selectable resp. not found

INS-2869 Table Widget: No line break at a column