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Bosch IoT Insights: continue access control extension & raw data storage

Access control extension preparation

The preparation of the Access Control Extension feature for Bosch IoT Insights still continues.
Next step will be the rollout of the New Role Management UI.

Raw data storage preparation

We continue to work on a better way to save input data and also enable users to upload files up to 50 Gb.
Meanwhile the first customers are in a closed beta test of this feature, after this phase is finished a rollout to all other instances will be applied.
Next Step will be the possibility to decide if large files are directly loaded into RAM or not.

Input history – content preview preparation

We started to work on a new feature, which will allow to preview content in the input history.
The content of uploaded “simple” files, such as images an text files, can then be previewed directly inside the input history.
Without the need to download or processing them.


In addition the following fixes were applied to the service.

  • INS-29: Query Template Engine contains several bugs
  • INS-1674: Colored Tour Map widget missing line when range is constant
  • INS-1676: Help links only open the introduction page of the documentation
  • INS-1874: File selection in processing pipeline UI not possible anymore