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Bosch IoT Insights: improved login process

The new release of Bosch IoT Insights comes with the following improvements:

Improved Login Process

The IoT Suite Auth was removed from our identity-provider chain to reduce complexity and improve the performance of the login process. After that, the login is faster and more stable.

Improved Pipeline Processing

The MongoDB uses the oplog to process data. If there were too many incoming documents during processing and reprocessing, the oplog was not able to store all the content because it was not large enough. In this case, handling became slow. As of now, there is a fallback handling that searches for the required input documents and processes them again.

Support of device provisioning API

In case the Bosch IoT Device Management was used, it was necessary to use the device provisioning API to create devices. In case a user created a device through our UI, it only was created in Bosch IoT Things, but neither Bosch IoT Rollouts or Bosch IoT Manager were aware of it. As of now, we support the device creation via the device provisioning API. The user is now able to define if he is using just Bosch IoT Things or a IoT Suite package like the Bosch IoT Device Management.

Support of custom URL schemes for hyperlinks

Besides the default URL schemes, like HTTP and HTTPS, the user is now able to “whitelist” custom schemes as hyperlinks for his subscription. That allows the user to enable application-specific links. The application-specific links can be defined in the Project Security Settings.

Download input data file with original filename

The user can now download a file with the same filename and extension that it had when it was uploaded.
To do this, we extended the API to allow the file name to be defined with its own meta attribute.

More details can be seen in our api documentation.

Further improvements

  • Angular update – Support of Angular version 13.0.0.
  • Data explorer – Improved label filter to handle a larger amount of labels and to pick several labels.
  • Table widget – Filtering on a column with hyperlinks or action buttons.
  • Embedded dashboard – The language code can be provided to Bosch IoT Insights by an embedding parent page.
  • Processing information – Tables are compliant with the recent Bosch Brand Guide.
  • Device type – Tables are compliant with the recent Bosch Brand Guide.
  • Conditional actions – Tables are compliant with the recent Bosch Brand Guide.
  • User management – Possibility to regenerate password for technical users.
  • Pipeline configuration – Added responsibility hint in the custom step upload.


We also have addressed the following bugs and fixed them accordingly:

  • INS-2091 – Deletion of CIAM-userdata should not use the Keycloak username field.
  • INS-2475 – Value widget: incorrect value behavior.
  • INS-2867 – Data browser: button Next does not work on the last documents.
  • INS-2922 – Value widget: thousand-separator option is not selectable.
  • INS-2947 – iTraMS parser step: Default Decoder Selection does not work.
  • INS-2949 – Page selection in document browsing.
  • INS-2946 – Broken reprocessing jobs UI layout.
  • INS-2965 – UI does not allow another reprocessing though no pipeline runs.
  • INS-2995 – Remove 100,000 page limitation from pagination.
  • INS-3006 – Table widget should show correct pagination bar.
  • INS-3024 – Wrong timestamp format in iTraMS pipeline.