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Bosch IoT Insights: maintenance of our Service & Access Control Extension preparation continue

Access Control Extension preparation

The preparation of the Access Control Extension feature for Bosch IoT Insights continues.

Calendar Widget

Further improvements where made. The background color changes based on the booking status and it is now possible to access the Calendar Booking from external systems.

Further Improvements

  • INS-340: Service Broker should support Asynch Mode to reduce Booking errors
  • INS-725: Pipeline processing should use the AuditLog
  • INS-2031: New roles should be selectable for Dashboard


  • INS-371: Tooltip box location changes when moving the cursor
  • INS-1073: Widget edit step validation does not always disable saving the button
  • INS-1092: Custom processor(s) throw org.springframework.messaging.core.DestinationResolutionException: no output-channel or replyChannel header available
  • INS-1208: LocationMap configurer uses “Range” field instead of an own “ID” field
  • INS-1298: Value Path option of Device Parameter in Filter widget doesn’t work as expected
  • INS-1366: Collections sfde_rsa_keys and sfde_search_configuration not included in project purge
  • INS-1907: Annoying behaviour when trying to create a filter widget with multiple selection parameters
  • INS-2073: MDM: Inconsistent History for Things with Dots in ThingId
  • INS-2133: Splunk Exception regarding GeoFencing
  • INS-2146: Insights documentation only available after login
  • INS-2152: Device History: Comment cannot be changed
  • INS-2164: Conditional Actions: SMS is not sent for non-FREE-plans
  • INS-2171: Caching Communication Failures with CIAM User Hub
  • INS-2172: Input data delete endpoint does not work
  • INS-2188: Source data preview does not work generally