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Bosch IoT Insights: Migration of managed Bosch IoT Things instances to Azure

Bosch IoT Insights migration from Bosch IoT Cloud to Microsoft Azure

In our effort to migrate Bosch IoT Insights to the Azure hosting environment, our next step is to migrate all Bosch IoT Things instances that are managed by Bosch IoT Insights to Azure.
Until now they were booked on the Bosch IoT Cloud.

This migration affects all Bosch IoT Insights projects, which do not bring their own Bosch IoT Things instance (e.g. instances booked as Bosch IoT Device Management package).
Bosch IoT Insights creates for those projects automatically a Bosch IoT Things instance, which is used for device management features.

The migration of all existing plans is planned for the first weeks of April 2022.
A maintenance window of 1 hour will be required for the migration. During this time the usage of “devices” for affected subscriptions can be interrupted for a few minutes.

The concrete maintenance window will be announced soon.

New bookings

Starting March 1st, 2022 all newly booked Bosch IoT Insights instances with a Free Plan will already use a Bosch IoT Things Free Plan on Azure Europe.

The booking of paid plans of Bosch IoT Insights will soon be switched over to use Bosch IoT Things on Azure Europe.