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Bosch IoT Insights – New option to rearrange Tab widget and other improvements

Drag-and-drop for Tab Widget using the new Grid Layout

With the addition of the rearrange option users now have the ability to easily reposition tabs within the widget, providing more personalized and efficient workspace.
With a simple drag-and-drop functionality, users can effortlessly reposition tabs within the widget, allowing them to prioritize frequently accessed tabs or group related tabs together.

You can align the tab layout according to your project’s preferences and instantly rearrange tabs: click the tab to be moved, then drag-and-drop it on the new position.


Grid Layout: New structure options – Compact and Free-floating

Users are now able to choose between two grid widget structures: Compact (default) and Free-Floating. This provides greater flexibility in organizing and displaying widgets to suit individual preferences and workflow needs.

The Compact grid structure provides a compact arrangement of widgets, optimizing space while displaying information efficiently.
This layout is ideal for users who prefer a streamlined and organized view. With the free-floating grid users have the option to customize placement and arrangement of widgets, which enables greater freedom in positioning widgets on the screen, and allows a more personalized and dynamic workspace.


Show duration and remaining of reprocessing time including optimization recommendations for processing pipelines

The reprocessing jobs overview now shows an estimated end time for running reprocessing jobs based on the documents that have already been processed.
Since long-running jobs have a higher risk of being interrupted, a warning and recommendation to increase the instances for a running job is displayed if the estimated duration is longer than one hour.


Notification/Alerting for denied requests due to reached read ticket limits

With this update, users will now receive a helpful hint when their requests are denied due to reaching the read ticket limits.

Key Features:

  • Query History Overview: Users will notice a new warning indicator in the query history overview when their read ticket limits have been reached. This visual cue will help them quickly identify the cause of the denied requests.
  • Admin Notification: Project administrators will now be notified via email when read ticket limits are reached by any user in their project. This allows admins to stay informed and take necessary actions to address the situation.
  • Notification Control: To provide flexibility and customization, project admin now have the ability to enable or disable email alerts for read ticket limit notifications. This feature allows them to manage notifications according to their project’s requirements and preferences.

Log Retention Time is now supported by the Retention Time Management

We provide now the users the option to customize the log retention time.
This allows you a greater control over how long the logs are retained and allows to log retention with your specific needs and compliance requirements.

Further Improvements:

  • Time series collection handling – shows now a proper error when the time field is missing
  • The device history information is now loaded by the UI via the MongoDB query history.


In this release, we have addressed and fixed the following bugs:

  • INS-4751: Map Widget: Colored tour shows no longer an error if all points have the same coordinates
  • INS-4760: Tree view in Data Browser can wrap now long lines
  • INS-5102: Role changes are now logged in the Audit Log
  • INS-5383: Explain “returned number of documents” shows now the correct value
  • INS-5213: Data Browser does not show infinity when end of results has been reached
  • INS-5294: Data upload with device-IDs and metaData works reliably again
  • INS-5337: Properties of undefined deviceType symbol can be read again
  • INS-5282: Booking details dialog is displayed again within the screen
  • INS-5322: JMES path input in table widget works correctly again
  • INS-5340: Icons in the booking area of the devices haven bee adjusted for many entries
  • INS-5345: Device Management – Issue visualization device details for some devices
  • INS-5382: Multivalue attributes filter works now
  • INS-5029: Data Explorer: Parameter in URL are now used in the UI
  • INS-4882: Template Designer > Advanced Settings: Read Ticket timeout display now correctly
  • INS-5393: Security Finding for Gson 2.8.1 is fixed
  • INS-5403: Data Analyzer: The run button is no longer disabled if all input fields contain valid values
  • INS-5444: Updating the query template design works again, even if the label is null.
  • INS-5414: User is asked to login again after browser is closed
  • INS-5284: Inconsistency between binary and multipart data upload for device attachments are fixed
  • INS-5115: Query History action buttons use now correct API endpoint
  • INS-5271: Filter Widget select all button is now visible for only filters which allows a multiselection
  • INS-5297: Data Upload metadata validation combined with mandatory devices works again
  • INS-5526: Gateway OAuthServiceIT integration test works now with SingleKey ID
  • INS-5350: Table-Widget: zero iterator gives not a different result anymore
  • INS-5431: Card edit icon is no longer large
  • INS-5439: Table Widget: Error when opening filter tooltip is fixed
  • INS-5484: Grid Layout > Playback Widget: Missing Edit options are added
  • INS-5499: Playback Widget contains Widget-Container and Context Menu Options