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Bosch IoT Insights – Scale Up Button, Widget Improvements and more

“Scale Up” button for reprocessing Jobs

The newly introduced “Scale Up” button gives project administrators the possibility to speed up reprocessing jobs, which are currently running.
After a reprocessing job is created, the button is not displayed immediately: it appears once the underlying execution is running and the cloud environment is created. This will usually take about one second.
The small delay was introduced to prevent undesired behavior, and to make sure that the correct amount of running reprocessing instances is displayed to the project administrator.

Additionally, the memory consumption is displayed, so that project administrators can evaluate the corresponding costs.

Renewal required for extended usage of free plans

Currently, a lot of free plan projects in Bosch IoT Insights seem to be not in use anymore. The free plan is designed to be used for testing and evaluation. To provide you the best possible service also for a long term usage, we recommend an upgrade to a PayAsYouGo plan. A PayAsYouGo plan contains the same include volumes as a free plan and has no base fee. Find details at

From now on, project administrators of free plan projects will have to renew their subscription on a regular basis. In case a renewal is required, the project administrators will receive an e-mail which will inform them that they have to login and renew their subscription. If they renew their subscription, they can use Bosch IoT Insights for another 30 days. Otherwise, after 30 days, we will assume that the project is not needed any longer and will delete it.

The renewal can be requested by clicking on the link in the banner on top of the browser window. Doing so, a confirmation message about the successful renewal will be displayed, and the banner will not be shown anymore for further 30 days.


New feature to set custom retention times for processing status information

Project administrators can now define an automatic deletion of processing information.

The new introduced option of processing status collection is offered in the project settings under the retention tab.

The possible time range is between 7 and 9.999 days. All existing deletion indexes have been aligned on the new field and minimum time range.

Maximum Retention Time

To prevent to exceed the Mongo ttl index time limit. we limited the retention time to a maximum period of 9.999 days, which is equal to ~27,4 years. All projects with higher retention times have been limited to this value.

Action Button Widget Improvements

More possibilities have been added to the REST request option in the table widget, and in the action button widget. You can enter a placeholder containing the https-protocol and select a condition to disable the button or link.

Moreover, the new border color option can achieve to set a specific border color for each button, aligning with your unique design requirements, and enhancing visual contrast and design flexibility.

Tooltip with Dynamic Content for Table Widget

You can now add a tooltip with dynamic content in the table. Each custom column can have its own tooltip, which also supports data placeholders.

Optimized query error handling of query template

The error handling for queries and query templates has been refactored, and now provides user friendly text, with helpful and understandable error messages.

Further improvements

  • The table widget’s design was improved to make it clearer to which column the filter icon belongs.
  • In the context of the grid layout, it is now possible to vertically enlarge the rich text widget more than it’s content.
  • The tab widget was updated to support scrolling when the items take more space than available.
  • Support for WebSocket connections in Analytics specific frontends was added.
  • The default clustered index of a timeseries collection is now shown in the template editor and data analyzer.
  • Users can now access our APIs directly by using their current session for authentication.



In this release, we have addressed and fixed the following bugs:

  • INS-5735: Navigation issue when stay on the same dashboard, but changing the URL query parameter
  • INS-5830: Device History linked devices section remains empty
  • INS-5435: Table Widget – Custom Column with Rich Text – CSS “line break” splits words
  • INS-5524: Calendar Widget – Device Details are not shown when switching between projects
  • INS-5807: Explain and analyze doesn’t consider hints