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Bosch IoT Insights: Small improvements and various bugfixes

Backdating device creation (INS-1021)

While device property changes could already be backdated, you now have the possibility to also backdate the device creation date itself. You can also apply a label and/or comment that will show up in your Device History tab.



The table widget is now pageable by defining a max count of rows (INS-1056)

Users that had a great amount of data in their table widget ran into the problem that their dashboards were getting too long. Now, there is an option for the table widget to define the number of table rows that should be displayed. The table can then be traversed by using pagination.


Prevention of invalid characters in Thing/Device properties (INS-903)

Naming a Thing property is now limited to those characters that are actually supported ([\s_a-zA-Z0-9-]). In the past users received an error message when using unsupported characters (like dots, slashes etc.).


Additional changes

We migrated all old Leaflet based map widgets to the newer MapBox Location Map widget. The deprecated Leaflet Location Map widget is no longer available.


  • INS-272: Fixed an ODX-Decoder issue where string length definitions were not handled correctly
  • INS-925: Fixed a memory leak in the mdf4-Parser
  • INS-940: Configuring the Heatmap widget with out of bound latitude or longitude should not lead to an unresponsive behavior anymore
  • INS-942: Fixed a memory leak where the CML-Upstream could run out of disc space
  • INS-977: Fixed a problem where a Custom Processing Java step could not connect to Mongodb
  • INS-998: Fixed a problem where Reprocessing-Tasks could run forever
  • INS-1001: Fixed an DBC-Parser issue where negative offsets were not parsed correctly
  • INS-1026: Fixed a problem in the Processing Pipeline where Japanese characters led to a problem when processing data
  • INS-1047: Project admins should now be able to correctly create new collections in the Pipeline Processing Output Step
  • INS-1050: Fixed an issue where the Processing Pipeline could get stuck due to a step breakdown
  • INS-1066: Fixed an ODX-Decoder issue that some users were experiencing
  • INS-1072: Processing Pipeline Reprocessing should now correctly take the selected memory and disc quota into account
  • INS-1074: Fixed an issue where the Custom Processing steps that were written in Python would miss important ssl certificates
  • INS-1075: Fixed a Pipeline issue where log messages could get lost
  • INS-1077: Fixed a concurrency issue in the Processing Pipeline Parser Step