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Bosch IoT Manager: Rules prioritization and usage data reporting, and REST improvements

The new release of Bosch IoT Manager, part of Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management comes with the following improvements:

Introduced prioritization of mass management rules

Prioritization has been added as an execution option when creating a mass management rule. Thanks to this new option, operators are now able to set priorities to rules that are triggered by the same event and affect the same device. In that sense, the priority can be viewed as the order in which commands from multiple rules will reach the specific single device. The higher the priority value the sooner the rule will be executed.

Read more about the Priority option in our user documentation.

Rule usage data reporting

As of this release, Bosch IoT Manager reports the number of rule executions and the DB volume in use. This data will be used for billing purposes.

REST API Improvements

The REST API of Bosch IoT Manager has been extended with methods covering the use of features, their properties and desired properties. Thanks to the new methods, operators can now:

  • update and delete features
  • list, create, update and delete feature properties
  • list, create, update and delete desired feature properties

Learn more about the new methods and try them out in our REST API documentation.