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Bosch IoT Things: declared acknowledgements and further improvements

The new Bosch IoT Things service update comes with various improvements.

  • Declared acknowledgements
    The requirement to manage declared acknowledgements has been introduced. This means, there are now globally unique identifiers for which acknowledgements are expected from which connections. Thus, they are better traceable in complex scenarios that involve multiple clients and fan-out distribution.
    The pattern for naming your declared acknowledgements is: {{connection-id}}:your-identifier.
    In case of a Java client you can use {{solution-id}}:your-identifier.
    Of course, the connection ID per solution ID will be dynamically resolved at runtime.
    Find details at Basic concepts > Acknowledgements > Configuration via connection. 

    Bosch IoT Things connection example
    Bosch IoT Things connection example
  • Eclipse Ditto – Java client 1.4.0
    See Developer guide > Java API for the complete Maven coordinates.
  • New entityName topic placeholder for connections
    The new entityName topic placeholder replaces the entityId topic placeholder, which is deprecated.
    Find all placeholders which can be used for connections at connection sources and connection targets.

In addition, various minor bugs have also been fixed.