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Bosch IoT Things: advanced handling for end-to-end acknowledgements

Advanced handling for end-to-end acknowledgements

The fourth and last part of improving end-to-end acknowledgements with Bosch IoT Things introduces the weak acknowledgements.

Such weak acknowledgements do not cause redelivery of messages consumed by a connection. They are useful for scenarios, where the subscriber of events or live messages does not provide an acknowledgement for various reasons.

Bosch IoT Things can issue weak acknowledgements on behalf of the subscriber, whenever the subscriber decides to not consume a signal. This allows subscribers to configure RQL and namespace filters freely, without causing any futile redelivery.

Find details at Basic concepts > Acknowledgements > Weak acknowledgements and in the Eclipse Ditto blog post on weak acknowledgements.

Suite Auth tokens issued for external identity provider

Customers of Bosch IoT Insights can be authenticated and authorized based on OAuth2 tokens issued by Suite Auth integrating a 3rd-party authorization provider.

In addition, various minor bugs have also been fixed.