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Bosch IoT Things: New functionality for Connections

The new service release for Bosch IoT Things comes with various changes, for example an improved Connections functionality:

  • New HTTP forwarding of updates/events to external endpoints.
    This way you can simply manage webhook-like integrations with existing or new applications based on standard HTTP calls. By defining an URL pattern, applying payload mapping and filtering you can customize the requests triggered for your digital twin updates/events.
    See Which API to use? for an overview, and Manage your connections for more details.
  • Multiple messages per mapping
    The possibility to define multiple outputs after mapping is supported. This way you can trigger multiple updates/events for one incoming or emitted message. The functionality is accessible within the JavaScript-based payload mapping of managed connections.
    Find details at Connection mappings.
  • New ConnectionStatus feature to represent device readiness for communication within your digital twins.
    The connection status – reported directly by devices, or indirectly by Bosch IoT Hub – will appear automatically in all things using a connection, which activates this functionality.
    Find details at Manage your connections and Connection mappings.