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Bosch IoT Insights: Preparation of Time Series Data and other Improvements


We still work on the integration of the time series functionality into IoT Insights.

Currently we implement the support of Timeseries collection in the Processing Pipeline OutputStep and Parser.

This feature is still in early stages of development and we gather further experience in a closed ALPHA test phase.

Therefore this feature is not yet visible for customers and will be rolled out all at once, when all necessary parts are available.

Dashboard – Custom color configuration for action buttons

In the Action Button Widget it is now possible to change the background and foreground color of the Action Button. So that it is possible to differentiate the functions of a button on a dashboard.



Preselection of mandatory devices while creating a calendar booking

If the mandatory device fields are empty, the application will search for linked mandatory devices from your booked device.
Information blocks of type ‘details’ are used to search for device links.

Collection category selection

When selecting a collection (e.g. in the data browser or data analyzer) it is now possible to filter them by choosing a category.
The shown categories (All, Processed Data, Time series and System Internal) depend on which category is allowed for the current view.

Device Information Block provides a description

Information Blocks for Device Types have been extended to support the option of custom description.
This will allow you to describe the purpose of each information block, which will make the usage more transparent.
The description – if set – will then be displayed when managing the respective information block, i.e on the Device View when editing the Information Blocks on Device Level.


Table Widget – Filtering in alphabetic order

The Table Widget Column filter displays a list of selectable filter values in the case of less than 25 distinct column values.
The sorting for these selectable Filter Values in the Table Widget Column Filter Popup has now been improved to be alphabetically sorted.

Further Improvements

The following improvements are also part of this release:

INS-3138 – Calendar widget – “Search” should rather be an “intelligent filter” to be more UX friendly (Search should include the whole booking content)

INS-4094 – The device type id should always be shown in the information block view

Bug Fixes

In this release we have addressed and fixed the following bugs:

INS-4131 Device Type – Information Block: technical name validation broken

INS-4143 User Management: Name column should be all sorted by “name”

INS-4087 Views: Two charts instead of one, due to some exception

INS-4148 DBC Parser: Inefficient usage of regex parser

INS-3722 Input History: “Download All” does not work if one input data document is corrupt

INS-4158 Data Browser: Unusable if document contains too many paths

INS-4086 Users: Hide User Consent Column after Consent deletions

INS-3470 Processing Pipelines: Do not delete a Custom Step file if it is used in another Custom Step

INS-4144 Calendar Widget: Fix the search behavior in calendar when the text field is empty

INS-4156 Calendar Widget: Calendar entries disappear when changing displayed time interval

INS-4091 Table Widget: Custom Column Configuration should not be stored

INS-4182 Pagination should use the selected page size