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Upgrade all database clusters to MongoDB 7.x

We upgraded all MongoDB cluster to version 7.x
The main improvement in this version is that MongoDB now supports deleting entries from a timeseries collection.
A feature that was normal in regular collections.

Timeseries collections allow efficient storage and access to time series data in MongoDB. IoT Insights has supported them early on for processed data collections.
Previously you got an error in IoT Insights when you selected to delete data from a timeseries collection.
With the new deletion feature they are handled like regular collections and the deletion is successful.

MongoDB 7.x also provides serval new feature and improvements (for complete list see

  • Compound Wildcard Indexes: fewer indexes possible
  • Slot-Based Query Execution Engine: additional, improved performance
  • aggregation: $median, $percentile
  • time series: delete / bulk delete
    6.1 (included in 7.0):
  • PCRE library to PCRE2 for regular expressions
  • serverStatus changes

6.2 (included in 7.0):

6.3 (included in 7.0):

  • aggregation: $bitAnd, etc.
  • serverStatus changes
  • Time Series Collection Custom Bucketing Parameters: bucketMaxSpanSeconds, bucketRoundingSeconds
  • compact Support for Time Series Collections