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White labeling capabilities enriched with Custom Menu configuration features

With the new release of Bosch IoT Insights, it is now possible to configure a Custom Menu for your project. 

Thus you can remove any items from the side navigation which are not relevant to your use case, and add new ones which will ensure a smooth user experience in your project. 

Find details below in New capabilities for custom menu configuration

In addition to the custom menu configuration option, the default menu has been updated. 

Find details below in Important changes in the default menu

To reflect these changes, the user documentation has also been updated. 

Find details below in Updated user documentation

New capabilities for custom menu configuration

An overview of the capabilities includes:

  • Adding, editing, and removing menu items for each project by users with Admin role
  • Choosing between different menu item types – nodes, which can group other menu items together, and pages, which can link to other content types (internal pages, dashboards, external links, and iFrames) 
  • Rearranging menu items on the main menu level and two more sub-levels 
  • Defining role-based access per menu item 
  • Access to a System menu for Admin users, which offers the default menu view without the need to revert any customization configurations 

custom and default menu

Important changes in the default menu

Views and Dashboards

  • The former Views and Dashboards menu item is no longer available.

     Dashboards can be now managed from Admin > Dashboards in the UI. Refer to Dashboards.

       The former Add view functionalities are now available via the Custom menu configuration options. Refer to Custom menu

  • View menu item is no longer automatically created on the main navigation to group your dashboards.

If you anyway need to group your dashboards into a menu item, you can add new entries of the respective type (node and page).

Refer to Adding entries and Arranging entries. See also the Custom menu section in the White labeling a Bosch IoT Insights project tutorial which shows how to add a dashboard to the main navigation. 


Updated user documentation

The user documentation is now reorganized in accordance with the user journey. 

Therefore, consider the following new or updated sections: 

  • Custom menu – this new section explains how to configure a custom menu 
  • Dashboards – this updated section includes also the former Views and Widgets documentation 
  • Tutorial – the tutorial on White labeling a Bosch IoT Insights project has a new section which shows how to create a dashboard menu item in customized menu