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Bosch IoT Device Management

Manage all your IoT devices easily and flexibly in the cloud throughout their entire life cycle

Bosch IoT Device Management: one solution for all your devices

No matter how many devices you have installed: you will surely want to know how they are doing and – much more importantly – you will want to make sure they keep performing well throughout their entire lifecycle. Bosch IoT Suite, and more specifically Bosch IoT Device Management, supports you in controlling and keeping your devices up to date:

  • on a daily, monthly or annual basis, or in case of certain events
  • be it for white goods, security alarms, vehicle devices, or large industrial machines.

Bosch.IO is your partner for both small and huge projects. Challenge us!

Bosch IoT Device Management: manage any number of devices efficiently

Within Bosch IoT Suite, Bosch IoT Device Management offers you out-of-the-box support to monitor, control, diagnose, and troubleshoot the status of your devices, as well as backup and data recovery at any time – in bulk or individually via rules. It supports multiple communication protocols, remote access and maintenance, and large-scale batch management. You can run firmware and/or software updates over the air (FOTA/SOTA) campaigns with pre-defined rules. Bosch IoT Device Management supports the scalable and secure ingestion of large volumes of sensor and asset data – so you can connect and manage all your devices from a single spot.

Bosch IoT Device Management offers full support for device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device communication with different communication patterns. It comes with a fine-grained permission and access management for the highest security. Furthermore, an extensive set of APIs makes it easy to integrate with existing management systems. Digital Twins of your tools, cars, sensors, and other web-enabled things represent the virtual status of your connected devices via open APIs – and enable them to interact with each other. Bosch IoT Device Management can be used together with Bosch IoT Edge Agent to create an even more powerful user experience.

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Your advantages at a glance

  • One complete device management solution for your devices’ life cycle
  • Scalable from ten to billions of devices
  • Flexible and cost-efficient pricing scheme for start-ups and corporations
  • Easy software or firmware updates over the air (SOTA/ FOTA) campaigns with pre-defined rules for any number of devices
  • Digital Twins for even easier control and interaction via open APIs

Service plans at a glance

Monthly Subscription Free
Digital twin management
Remote device diagnosis, configuration & maintenance
Remote access
Mass management
Software repository
Software update management UI
Single software updates and campaign management
Management API
Included capacity Please refer to Pricing & Conditions Please refer to Pricing & Conditions
Additional capacity with a 'pay-as-you-grow' pricing
Subscribe Subscribe via AWS Marketplace

Support plans at a glance

Basic Bronze Silver Gold
Recommended area of operation Test & evaluation Small PoCs Production Mission critical
Qualified responses*
Response time depends on support plan and severity
<12h for critical <8h for critical <2h for critical <1h for critical
Critical incident alarming 16x5 24x7
User & support cases Limited Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Additional scope of support General guidance Prioritized access to experts
Monthly cost per subscription based on total service usage cost
$0 7%
min. $100
min. $300
min. $1,000
Minimum warranty Select plan Select plan Select plan

*Bosch.IO will make every reasonable effort to respond with a first qualified response to your initial request within the corresponding timeframe within the business hours. Only critical incidents will trigger alarming and be processed outside of business hours according to the operation times varying by support plan. Alarming is not available in the Bronze support plan.
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