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Blog post series
Bosch IoT Suite user journey

Follow Erika on her journey exploring about Bosch IoT Suite

Have you ever wondered how you can efficiently connect, upgrade, and monitor millions of devices like vehicles, heating, or cameras? Or do you want to know how to make the most out of your data through visualizations and analytics? We answer these questions every day when developing and improving our Bosch IoT Suite.

Join us on a special journey: we want to guide you through our development process, demonstrate why, where, and how we involve our stakeholders in the planning and development processes, explain our pricing model, and show you how we ensure high quality based on specific customer cases.

Bosch.IO is your partner for both small and huge projects. Challenge us!

Erika’s journey at a glance

Quality management | 1st destination

Learn in this blog post how we ensure the quality of Bosch IoT Suite.

Development processes | 2nd destination

Learn in this post how we design Bosch IoT Suite development processes.

Stakeholder involvement | 3rd destination

Learn how we implement customer needs into our products and services.

Pricing | 4th destination

Learn more about Bosch IoT Suite pricing and how deployment flexibility comes into play.

Customer cases | 5th destination

Learn from real projects how we collaborate and co-create with customers and create value together.

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