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IoT edge

Empower the intelligent edge

Enable your devices for AIoT

Massive amounts of real-time data and an ever-growing number of complex devices require new solutions that decouple functions from the cloud. At the same time, the need for fast reaction times, localized computing power, as well as new storage and security needs are further driving edge computing. IoT edge capabilities provide everything you need to bring the intelligence closer to the data source.

Bosch offers a fully integrated solution that brings custom logic directly where it is needed: on the device itself or on decentralized edge nodes.

  • Our offering is designed to reduce complexity, costs, and latency. Configurable and reusable building blocks ensure the availability on platforms, require a minimum of integration work, and enable scalable applications.
  • At the same time, machine learning, artificial intelligence and analytics are making it possible to extract more valuable information from data.

Discover the unlimited possibilities to enable your devices for AIoT!

How edge analytics helps optimize the costs of IoT initiatives

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Your advantages at a glance

Decrease complexity

with configurable and reusable building blocks

Reduce costs

through data processing right at the device

Accelerate value creation

with connected products and services leveraging AIoT on the device

Your products for IoT edge

iot edge agent 08-21

Essential IoT enablement for edge devices: cloud connectivity, local messaging, software updates and container management

iot edge services 08-21

Extended device connectivity and advanced edge functions to manage IoT devices and data locally

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