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We enable your business in the world of IoT

Are you looking to reap the benefits of the IoT? Look no further!

Bosch IoT Suite: your gate to the world of IoT

Connecting “things” is far more than a nice feature. It is crucial for future-oriented product development and maintenance, as well as for the creation of new innovative business models. IoT is the core technology to optimize processes, enhance development speed, and increase quality. IoT enables you to understand customer needs in real time, improve your services on the fly, and implement innovative features.

IoT is the direct two-way link to your devices such as connected vehicles, gateways in buildings or factories, and sensors in urban infrastructure. The diversity of device types and their IoT needs combined with the many business use cases require equally diverse solutions. Bosch IoT Suite is a family of products and services in the area of IoT device management, IoT data management and IoT edge by Bosch.

New to IoT? Get an overview of the topics and services

IoT device management

Manage, update, control, and service your IoT devices throughout their entire life cycle

IoT data management & analytics

Collect, process, store, assess, and use your IoT data to the maximum

IoT edge & analytics

Empower the intelligent edge and enable your devices for AIoT

Flexible, safe and, future-proof projects

Make the IoT the backbone of your business success! Connected products and services combined with continuous data-driven improvements and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities will shape your value creation process.

Profit from the high Bosch security standards and our long-term experience in different business domains. We will be happy to support you in optimizing and expanding your business ideas and IoT projects. We will be happy to support you on your IoT journey.

Customer IoT projects

Our products connect more than 15 million devices, sensors, and machines. See how they helped our customers in their IoT projects.



Hager leverages the Bosch IoT Edge for its home energy management system.

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How EnBW/SMIGHT draws upon Bosch’s device-management and edge-computing solution.



HOLMER uses Bosch IoT Insights to gain valuable knowhow out of its agricultural IoT data.


Bosch Thermotechnology

Bosch has taken over the updating process from Bosch Thermotechnology and now provides the infrastructure for over-the-air software updates.

The IoT is built on open source

At Bosch, we have been active participants in the open source community for over eight years and use open source software extensively. Since we joined the Eclipse IoT community, we have created six different IoT open source projects and contributed to many other projects. In fact, Bosch has already contributed around 1.5 million lines of code to open source projects.

Eclipse Kanto™ is a modular IoT edge software that enables devices for IoT with all essentials like cloud connectivity, digital twins, local communication, container management, and software updates.

Eclipse Ditto is where IoT devices and their digital twins get together.

Eclipse hawkBit allows you to create a domain-independent backend solution for rolling out software updates. It is the open source core of Bosch IoT Rollouts.

Eclipse Hono™ provides remote service interfaces for connecting large numbers of IoT devices to a backend.

Eclipse Vorto allows you to describe the abstract capabilities and functionality of devices as Information Models.

Eclipse Californium™ is a CoAP framework that targets back-end services communicating with smaller IoT devices.

Eclipse Leshan™ is a library implementing the Lightweight M2M protocol specified by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA).

EnMasse is an open source messaging platform.

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Learn how to increase identity and access management for hybrid cloud environments.

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12 tips for successful IoT data management

Check out this white paper and learn what to consider for your next data management project.

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