This offer is only addressed to commercial customers including freelancers and entrepreneurs. All prices are exclusive of value added tax (VAT).
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Bosch IoT Insights

The easy and secure way to manage your IoT data in the cloud

Bosch IoT Insights: your end-to-end service solution for IoT data management

Why is data management so important? Imagine you have thousands of connected vehicles on the road. How can you keep track of what is happening with their systems, components, and functions? How do you assemble all this data and what can you do with it?

Within Bosch IoT Suite, Bosch IoT Insights offers you the ideal solution to

  • know exactly what is going on with your vehicles,
  • gain added value from this data,
  • optimize your devices and functions so you can develop new services and solutions for your customers.
Exploit the full potential of your IoT data!

Bosch IoT Insights is a fully managed cloud service that collects, processes, and stores your IoT data for further analytics. Bosch IoT Insights is a self-service tool that gives you the freedom to work independently and autonomously with your data. The data you send to the cloud is first stored in a raw format in an object store. To ensure seamless integration, Bosch IoT Insights offers a standard HTTPS API and an automotive-specific API. Once stored, you can process your data in Bosch IoT Insights according to your needs using a pipeline. This includes making binary data readable via industrial description standards such as ODX, Fibex, A2L, MDF, DBC, and Google Protocol Buffer. In a next step, you can query your data and visualize it using standard and user-defined dashboards. In addition, Bosch IoT Insights also features interfaces to common third-party data analytics tools such as Matlab, Excel, and Tableau.

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Your advantages at a glance

  • Self-service tool for data ingestion, processing and visualization with analytics capabilities
  • Fully managed solution including infrastructure, operations, and technology
  • Flexible data support for all existing data formats, from 1 byte to 50 Gbytes
  • Use your own logic with common languages (e.g. Java, Python, MongoDB) for efficient results
  • Adapted to your needs: choose between self-service configuration or support from our consulting service
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing model: you only pay what you need and use

Service plans at a glance

Bosch IoT Insights is available as a free plan for evaluation purposes, a starter plan for smaller, entry-level scenarios and a standard plan for solutions involving a large number of connected devices and premium plan for dedicated performance. The starter, the standard and the premium plan support pay-as-you-grow scenarios.

Monthly subscription Free
Standard (sFDE)
Configurable dashboards / data visualizations (Configurate your own views)
Custom data pipelines (Dedicated customizable stream processing)
Industry standard format decoding (DBC, ODX, MDF, Fibex, A2L and Google Protobuf)
Masterdata management (Manage and store device meta information based on IoT Things)
User management (Users invitation and management of project space)
Storage performance (based on average & best effort for raw and processed data) low & shared (virtualized) moderate & shared (Replicaset 3 nodes, max. 1000GB) moderate & shared (Replicaset 3 nodes, max. 1000GB) high & dedicated (ReplicaSet 3 nodes, per node 64GB RAM, dual core  Sharding on request. )
Upload Events per second (based on 10 kilobytes event / second) 10 100 200 3,000
Traffic (In-/outbound traffic) limited - 1000 MB
Data backup (Snapshots every 12 hours and stored for 2 days Daily snapshots will be stored for 7 days Weekly snapshots will be stored for 2 weeks)
Restore (Restore of backup on request) on request on request on request
Mails (Notifications based on data pipeline) 50 1,000
SMS (Notifications based on data pipeline) 10 100 200 300
Included capacity
Number of devices (For metadata managment "Devices")

* included in case of dedicated IoT Things instance

limited - 10* 10* 100* 1,000*
Processed data volume (For visualization & analytics purposes based on MongoDB) limited - 100 MB 100.00 MB 500.00 MB 100,000.00 MB
Raw data volume (Raw data / Input History based on Object Storage) limited - 100 MB 100.00 MB 1,000.00 MB 100,000.00 MB
GB RAM for Data pipeline (1 instance requires 1 GB RAM) non configurable 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB
Mails (Notifications based on data pipeline) 50 1,000 2,000 3,000
SMS (Notifications based on data pipeline) 10 100 200 300
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Support plans at a glance

Silver Gold
Area of operation Small PoCs Production Mission critical
Qualified responses*
Response time depends on support plan and severity
<8h for critical <2h for critical <1h for critical
Critical incident alarming 16x5 24x7
User & support cases Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Additional scope of support General guidance Prioritized access to experts
Monthly cost per subscription based on total service usage cost
min. $100.00
min. $300.00
min. $1000.00
In basic fee included Select plan Select plan

*Bosch.IO will make every reasonable effort to respond with a first qualified response to your initial request within the corresponding timeframe within the business hours. Only critical incidents will trigger alarming and be processed outside of business hours according to the operation times varying by support plan. Alarming is not available in the Bronze support plan.


Configure and estimate the costs of Bosch IoT Insights for your specific scenarios.

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Customer references


Bosch Rexroth’s BODAS Connect is built on Bosch IoT Suite and connects vehicles and their subsystems.

HOLMER Maschinenbau

HOLMER uses Bosch IoT Suite to gain valuable insights into its agricultural IoT data.


The Move_UK project leveraged Bosch IoT Insights to manage vehicle data.