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Bosch IoT Rollouts

Manage and control software and firmware updates for IoT devices in the cloud

Bosch IoT Rollouts: your secure and reliable means of handling software rollout processes

Do you want to make your devices smart for more customer benefits? We will be happy to support you in connecting these devices and rolling out software updates to your vehicles, factories, or other smart-to-be places or objects. Bosch IoT Rollouts provides a secure and reliable means of handling this process. Manage and update your devices and rollout your updates easily and flexibly – no matter whether you have a small scenario or need to perform bulk updates in split groups.

Marchitecture Bosch IoT Rollouts
Bosch IoT Rollouts: software updates from small scenarios to large campaigns

Bosch IoT Rollouts is a domain-independent backend solution, supporting the rollout of software updates or artifact deliveries to edge devices as well as to powerful controllers and gateways. Devices can be connected to the Bosch IoT Rollouts server

  • directly through an optimized interface, or
  • indirectly through federated device management servers.

Size and numbers don’t matter: smaller scenarios can be directly updated; provisioning is fully managed by the Bosch IoT Rollouts server. If you are facing a large rollout campaign, you can split your set of devices into deployment groups and implement your campaign with a managed rollout flow, which makes it easy to monitor the rollout process. Use the reporting functionalities to see the statistics of all installed and updated versions. The device and software repository holds both the provisioning targets and the assignable distribution – including a full update history for every device. Bosch IoT Rollouts can also be used in combination with Bosch IoT Remote Manager.

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Your advantages at a glance

  • Domain-independent backend solution for software update or artifact delivery rollouts
  • Single, direct software updates for small scenarios
  • Large-scale rollout campaigns with split sets of devices for managed rollout flow
  • Reporting and monitoring to keep track of the update’s rollout and ensure security
  • Device and software repository provides full software update history for every device

Service plans at a glance

Bosch IoT Rollouts is available as a free plan for evaluation scenarios, a starter plan for smaller entry-level scenarios and a standard plan that also supports pay-as-you-grow scenarios.

Monthly Subscription Free

Get a quote

Get a quote

Device and software repository
Management UI/Console
Artifact content delivery
Rollout/Campaign management
Management API (Interface)
Direct device integration API (Interface)
Device management federation API (Interface)
Included devices 50 1,000 10,000
Included artifact storage 0.5 GB 1 GB 10 GB
Included data transfer (artifact download) 1 GB 15 GB 150 GB
Additional capacity with a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ pricing
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Support plans at a glance

Basic Bronze
Silver Gold
Recommended area of operation Test & evaluation Small PoCs Production Mission critical
Qualified responses*
Response time depends on support plan and severity
<12h for critical <8h for critical <2h for critical <1h for critical
Critical incident alarming 16x5 24x7
User & support cases Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Additional scope of support General guidance Prioritized access to experts
Monthly cost per subscription based on total service usage cost
€0 Get a quote Get a quote Get a quote
Minimum warranty Select plan Select plan Select plan

*Bosch will make every reasonable effort to respond with a first qualified response to your initial request within the corresponding timeframe within the business hours. Only critical incidents will trigger alarming and be processed outside of business hours according to the operation times varying by support plan. Alarming is not available in the Bronze support plan.
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