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Bosch IoT Remote Manager

On-premise and private cloud device management, monitoring and software provisioning

Bosch IoT Remote Manager: manage your gateways and devices from afar

You want to manage your IoT devices throughout their entire lifecycle? And you want to do this from afar? Then Bosch IoT Remote Manager is your ideal solution. It is available online for both on-premise and private cloud applications. Bosch IoT Remote Manager enables engineers and administrators of device manufacturers and service providers to perform centralized remote maintenance of the IoT devices deployed in the field. You can see the status and control the state of your devices at any time.

Bosch IoT Remote Manager: centralized remote management of your devices

Bosch IoT Remote Manager is a proven solution with many features for life-long device management. It supports multiple device management protocols (e.g. MQTT and REST/HTTP) and various classes of gateways and devices out-of-the-box. An extensive set of APIs makes it easy to integrate with existing management systems. Finally, the modular software structure streamlines the process of developing, maintaining, and updating IoT applications. It provides rich GUI, API, and scripting tools.

For engineers, device administrators and service providers, this implies the possibility for centralized remote maintenance, including device configuration, software and firmware updates, monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting, as well as backup and recovery of the device configuration. If desired, Bosch IoT Remote Manager is available as completely independent on-premise solution, offering maximum privacy and data security.

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Your advantages at a glance

  • Proven solution with many features for device lifecycle management
  • Available online for on-premise and private cloud applications
  • Completely independent as on-premise solution
  • Support of numerous protocols for use with different industry standards
  • Streamlining development, maintenance, and updates of IoT applications

Service plans at a glance

Bosch IoT Remote Manager is available as a free plan for evaluation purposes, a starter plan for proof of concepts and a premium plan that also supports pay-as-you-grow scenarios. In addition, you can operate Bosch IoT Remote Manager on your own. For this purpose, you are welcome to register for a free trial license or contact our sales team.

Monthly subscription Free
Premium On-premises
Deployment Shared SaaS Dedicated SaaS On-premises / Private cloud
Feature set With some limitations Full Full
Support plan Bronze Bronze
Custom configurations / backend components With support of service team
Availability SLA Not guaranteed 99.5% -
Max capacity 3 devices
5,000 updates/month
Unlimited with ‘pay-as-you-grow’ pricing Unlimited with 'pay-as-you-grow' pricing
Subscribe Contact Us Contact Us

Support plans at a glance

Basic Bronze Silver Gold
Recommended area of operation Test & evaluation Small PoCs Production Mission critical
Qualified responses*
Response time depends on support plan and severity
<12h for critical <8h for critical <2h for critical <1h for critical
Critical incident alarming 16x5 24x7
User & support cases Limited Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Additional scope of support General guidance Prioritized access to experts
Monthly cost per subscription based on total service usage cost
€0 Get a quote Get a quote Get a quote
Minimum warranty Select plan Select plan Select plan

*Bosch will make every reasonable effort to respond with a first qualified response to your initial request within the corresponding timeframe within the business hours. Only critical incidents will trigger alarming and be processed outside of business hours according to the operation times varying by support plan. Alarming is not available in the Bronze support plan.
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