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Bosch IoT Edge Agent

Essential IoT enablement for edge devices: cloud connectivity, local messaging, software updates and containers management

Bosch IoT Edge Agent: all the essentials to get more value out of your edge devices

Edge computing enables you to get more value from devices and data, leverage local computing power, ensure fast responses, increase security and offline operations. Bosch IoT Edge Agent makes it possible to connect your devices to the cloud, and to deploy cloud or custom logic on the device. You can process and act on IoT data right on the device, and manage devices from the cloud. Device manufacturers can tap new revenue streams with connected products and ensure the agile development of hardware and software. Prepare yourself for AIoT now by bringing intelligence on to your devices!

Marchitecture Bosch IoT Edge Agent
Bosch IoT Edge Agent: manage your edge devices and enable on-device applications

Bosch IoT Edge Agent provides the essential IoT enablement for edge devices: cloud connectivity, local messaging, software updates, and containers management. Bosch IoT Edge Agent is a modular native application that runs on the device. It is portable for a wide variety of device platforms.

Bosch IoT Edge Agent enables cloud connectivity and local messaging over MQTT: devices are automatically connected to the cloud; they can send telemetry data and receive operations. You can package applications into OCI containers to ensure better isolation, availability, reliability and dependency management. IoT devices and gateways can be updated and upgraded flexibly. You can also deploy and run analytical algorithms and machine learning models over IoT device data locally using standard containers and local messaging. Together with Bosch IoT Edge Services, you can achieve even better connectivity and get even more value out of your edge devices.

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Your advantages at a glance

  • Fully integrated to manage devices and data, use digital twins, update software and connect automatically to the cloud
  • Lightweight for a wide range of platforms from microcontrollers to powerful edge nodes
  • Containerized applications for easy deployment and scalability using fit-for-purpose technology
  • Easy management and updates of containerized applications, firmware, backups, logs, and more
  • Enabler for innovation to get more value from data and deploy AI on the device

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