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White paper

Connected Mobility 2.0:
The Future of Vehicle Connectivity

15 min (20 pages)

SoftSIM and Intelligent Tires: How Onomondo and Bosch are Transforming Connected Mobility
Discover the future of connected mobility in our latest whitepaper, where Onomondo and Bosch SDS redefine vehicle connectivity with their state-of-the-art technology. Gain invaluable insights into the value of end-to-end connected vehicle solutions.

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This paper aims to illuminate the path towards a smarter, more connected mobility landscape, showcasing innovative business models and technological advancements that promise enhanced safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Furthermore, it illustrates strategic advantages of adopting next-generation technologies and how they pave the way for more resilient, smarter, and connected vehicle ecosystems, promising a transformative impact on business models and operational capabilities.

Seamless Global Connectivity: Discover Onomondo’s breakthrough solutions for cross-border data transmission, ensuring your vehicles stay connected, no matter where they are.

Intelligent Tire Insights: Learn how Bosch’s smart tire technology can provide real-time data analytics, enable predictive maintenance, and even pave the way for new service models.