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White paper

A guide to successful IoT device management

15 min (15 pages)

A guide to successful IoT device life-cycle management

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to deliver insights by combining multiple sources of device data with enterprise data and other information.

This data-driven knowledge can be used to enhance existing business cases or create completely new business models. But to successfully deploy an IoT solution for an enterprise, it is crucial to consider the foundation of any IoT solution: device management.

Enterprises can expect a complex IoT landscape with a wide range of devices that need to be managed throughout their entire life cycles. Similar to the operating systems of our desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets, IoT gateways and edge devices need frequent care in the form of software updates or changes to configurations. Such maintenance is necessary in order to improve security, deploy new applications, or extend features of existing applications. This white paper will show why robust device management solution is key for a successful enterprise IoT strategy.

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