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White paper

A promising business model for your IoT project

20 min (19 pages)

How you can add value at every level of IoT maturity

Companies can use the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect products and devices, which allows them to tap new areas of business and to offer their customers entirely new services. In addition, direct lines of communication with customers provide realistic insights into how they use connected products.

Companies will enjoy a clear competitive advantage if they realize it is imperative to connect their products and devices. But those that focus only on the technological aspects of a project have already lost the race. When it comes to the IoT, companies that devote their full attention to customer benefits are the most likely to enjoy long-term success.

Learn in this white paper through field-tested examples from Bosch Thermotechnology, Bosch Powertools and the Connected Buliding Platform, how you can identify a promising business model before kicking off an IoT project – a model that facilitates lasting relationships with your customers and offers them new digital experiences.

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