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Bosch IoT Device Management: Bosch.IO to support device management together with major cloud providers

There is a general trend in the market towards cloud providers, their large service ecosystems and comprehensive tooling landscapes. Our customers frequently indicate a similar demand, and we are already serving them by being more and more technology agnostic.  

As Bosch.IO we continuously want to improve our offering: we are currently in the process of establishing partnerships with major cloud providers, to serve our customers with the combined knowledge and power of state-of the art technology and deep domain expertise.  

Bosch.IO wants to pave the way for existing customers into these ecosystems and aligns with them on the possibilities to migrate existing solutions based on Bosch IoT Device Management. The migration phase is expected to end mid 2024. At the end of the migration phase Bosch IoT Device Management will be discontinued.  

With this strategic approach we strive to ensure that customers will benefit from extensive ecosystems and toolchains of major cloud providers combined with our support based on our long-lasting relationship and our deep knowledge of customer requirements.