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Bosch IoT Device Management: UI improvement for desired properties, policy resources and more

The new release of the user interface of Bosch IoT Device Management, comes with the following improvements:


Desired properties

The latest UI supports you to specify desired properties for a device feature using the manage view of this feature.
Use the new section Desired properties to enter properties that aim to trigger the device integration layer to change the device configuration.
You can even view the differences to the actual properties states in a diff editor.

The desired properties need to be implemented by the device firmware – device integration layer – too, in order to take effect.
Read more about desired properties at Things and features.



Content assist for policy resources

Now, you get support during the specification of resources for which you want to assign permissions.
The new content assist will suggest you valid resource paths, so you don’t need to enter the full JSON path manually.
The assist will open automatically after you have entered a character in the text field. For example, you can select a thing feature or attribute path from the suggested list.
It also finds partial matches (case-insensitive) whenever you type in just the name of a feature or attribute.



Content assist for custom columns

You can comfortably add attributes and features of your devices to the devices list.
For adding custom columns for attributes or feature values, you can use the new content assist that suggests possible JSON paths pointing to different device properties. The suggestions are based on the features and attributes of the selected device in the list. If there is no device selected then the first device in the list is chosen.


Bosch IoT Insights UI feature

A new UI feature for Bosch IoT Insights is now available. It provides a link to the Bosch IoT Insights dashboard, API docs, and user documentation.

You can find it in “Services and features” where you can click the star icon if you want to pin it on your left navigation bar.


At this occasion, various minor bugs have also been fixed.