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Bosch IoT Edge (beta) available for test drive

Enable devices for AIoT with connectivity, management, applications and updates

Bosch IoT Edge is the next generation edge offering of the Bosch IoT Suite. Bosch IoT Edge is an integrated set of tools and services that work together to connect diverse IoT devices locally and to the cloud, set communication between devices, and develop scalable IoT applications that bring  IoT device data processing and services where they can best optimize outcomes.

Bosch IoT Edge makes it possible to deploy custom logic on a diverse set of devices, ranging from small microcontrollers to powerful edge nodes. Bosch IoT Edge is lightweight, containerized and fully integrated with the Bosch IoT Suite to allow quick prototyping and a variety of end-to-end architectures.

Bosch IoT Edge is made up of two components:

Bosch IoT Edge Agent

Bosch IoT Edge Agent provides the essential IoT enablement for an edge device: cloud connectivity, local messaging, software updates and containers management. Once you have installed the Еdge Аgent you can connect your device to the cloud or explore more advanced use cases. Leverage fit-for-purpose languages and technology to create IoT applications for intelligent IoT devices.

Bosch IoT Edge Services­­­

Bosch IoT Edge Services provide extended device connectivity and advanced edge computing capabilities, including tools for building and deploying the right Edge Services runtime configuration for your device. Deploy Edge Services via containers running directly on IoT devices for local execution. Create intelligent IoT gateways that connect diverse IoT devices, process and react on IoT device data locally or send data to the cloud for further processing.

Note: Bosch IoT Edge Services contains the functionality of the former Bosch IoT Gateway Software, now deployable as a standard container and fully integrated with the new Bosch IoT Edge.

Try it out

Bosch IoT Edge (beta) is available for evaluation purposes as part of Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication and Bosch IoT Suite for Device Management under the standard Terms and Conditions.

To get started quickly, visit Bosch IoT Edge (beta) documentation.