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Bosch IoT Edge: new containers management features, more edge platforms

The first release of Bosch IoT Edge for the new year is out! Bosch IoT Edge Agent 1.1.0 features new options for managing containers via the command line interface (CLI) and defining container networking modes. The newly released Bosch IoT Edge Agent 1.1.0 can now run on Linux (ARM64) platforms.

Containers management

Bosch IoT Edge supports the use of standard OCI containers to conveniently develop and scale applications and access advanced edge functions. The new version of Bosch IoT Edge Agent 1.1.0 offers an even more flexible containers management engine for a variety of use cases.

Container stop options

The containers management CLI tool is designed to create and run containers with a number of commands and options that best fit your environment. Version 1.1.0 of Bosch IoT Edge Agent is now equipped with additional container stop options once a container is running.

Stopping applications within the container using the appropriate option gives you the opportunity to adjust the stop based on how your application was developed – e.g. without limitations for working with a particular signal. For example, the container stop signals configuration is introduced to specify signal as both name and number, e.g. SIGKILL or 9.

To learn what are the available stop options and other commands, visit Run a container via CLI.

Container networking modes

Bosch IoT Edge Agent 1.1.0 containers management now supports several networking modes. Depending on the networking isolation required and other networking performance and access criteria, you can configure different networking modes per container.

In the default BRIDGE networking mode, the container’s networking stack is isolated from the host’s one. On the other hand, the HOST network mode is suitable for high-speed networking requirements or when IP discovery is needed from the application within a container.

To learn how to use networking modes, visit Configure container networking.

Support for Linux (ARM64)

Bosch IoT Edge can run on a wide range of platforms from small microcontrollers to powerful edge nodes. A number of artifacts are available to download under Edge Downloads in your Bosch IoT Suite subscription.

AArch64 (or ARM64) is the 64-bit extension of the standard ARM architecture. The AArch64 (ARM64) platforms are already well adopted by Bosch customers. Support for Linux (ARM64) as part of Bosch IoT Edge Agent 1.1.0 is adding to an even more complete landscape of platforms that Bosch IoT Edge can run on.

To learn about all supported platforms, visit Edge platforms.

For full documentation and release notes, visit Bosch IoT Edge release notes.