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Bosch IoT Edge: Linux services, more robust containers management, Zip I/O protection API, new doc locations, and more

Bosch IoT Edge Agent provides the essential IoT enablement for an edge device – cloud connectivity, local messaging, software updates and containers management for a wide variety of device platforms. Bosch IoT Edge Services brings IoT protocol support, history, automation, device access and more to the edge, with ability to manage from the cloud.

The new Bosch IoT Edge releases – Bosch IoT Edge Agent 1.6.0 and Bosch IoT Edge Services 10.5.0 are introducing the following new capabilities:

Systemd service configuration file support

Most of Bosch IoT Edge Agent’s components (e.g. containers management, bootstrapping agent, cloud agent, file upload, script-based software update) can now be installed as Linux systemd services with configuration files.

The service descriptor file gives you a level of flexibility to use and monitor various tools and tap into many kinds of ready functionalities as part of Linux. It can be re-used in a Debian package, or in Yocto recipes. Check each individual component for the location of the configuration file, and installation scripts.

Containers management enhancements

  • Container memory constraints – containers memory usage can be limited. Soft, hard and swap memory constraints can be provided during container creation. The limits can be later updated as well. For more information – Configure container resources.
  • Things connection timeouts – connect, acknowledge, subscribe and unsubscribe timeouts are added to things connection configuration. For more information – Configure cloud agent connectivity.
  • Environmental variables configuration via the supported Vorto models – configuring a container’s environmental variables at start up is integrated via all container configuration relevant Vorto models.

Bosch IoT Edge Services new features

  • Zip bomb protection – Bosch IoT Edge Services now come with zip bomb protection including defining and controlling sizes, thresholds and ratios for uncompressed data. This approach for protection against malicious input is implemented by Zip I/O Protection API in framework module, located in com.prosyst.util.zipio package. Learn more at Zip bomb protection
  • File upload to Amazon Cloud – added support of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) as another storage for uploaded files. This feature is implemented through the OSGi Things Agent.

Documentation new location

Note that the documentation has moved! Any old bookmarks will shortly be getting re-directed to the new official locations:


For full release notes, visit Bosch IoT Edge Agent and Bosch IoT Edge Services.