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Bosch IoT Gateway Software 10: Build even richer end-to-end IoT solutions

The new Bosch IoT Gateway Software 10 is a major release that provides a flexible means to build interoperable IoT solutions that integrate multiple protocols, help manage data locally, and facilitate secure data flow between edge devices, gateways, and the cloud.

With new features that connect even more devices, and the use of latest security and open standards, developers can design diverse IoT edge applications for local data processing, monitoring, and notifications. This major version also includes a number of API changes and removal of deprecated functionalities, allowing easier support, efficient development, and the use of state-of-the-art technologies:

  • BACnet support: Implement fully open, interconnected building automation systems using BACnet devices. BACnet is a communications protocol for building automation and control (BAC) networks.
  • Z-Wave Plus v2  support: Use features such as Z-Wave SmartStart, and Z-Wave’s S2 Security, thanks to the latest Z-Wave over IP (Z/IP) specification, which describes the standard for transporting Z-Wave messages over IP networks.
  • More devices connected via Bluethooth LE: Get started easily with Industry 4.0 with the Sense Connect Detect (SCD) sensor. The Transport Data Logger (TDL) detects and records relevant temperature, humidity, as well as tilt and shock events in machine transport, material handling, and more.
  • Bluetooth LE pairing methods support: Pair devices using methods such as Just Works, Numeric Comparison, and Passkey Entry. Pairing is the process by which two Bluetooth LE devices exchange device information in order to establish a secure link.
  • Hardware-based security via PKCS#11 Java Security Provider: Use hardware modules such as Trusted Platform Module (TPM2), Hardware Security Module (HSM), and Smart Cards to establish a secure connection to remote management systems, to encrypt and decrypt data, and to securely store certificates.
  • Camera certificate validation and firmware updates: Validate camera certificates to guarantee secure communication between the gateway and the device. The Connection Service feature allows you to configure how the gateway validates the camera certificates in order to allow or reject communication. Firmware updates for BOSCH cameras are possible over the Bosch RCP+ protocol.
  • Azure IoT integration: Gain unified visibility into thousands of downstream devices from various IoT protocols and build diverse gateway applications using the advantages of edge computing in combination with the Azure IoT platform capabilities.
  • Compliance with OSGi R7 Core specification: Ensure better interoperability and access to the newest OSGi APIs and annotations with OSGi R7 Core, supported by the latest version of the OSGi framework. Develop advanced modular applications leveraging the latest features in the Java platform.
  • Javax WebSockets API (JSR 356) support via Jetty: Build WebSocket applications to push data and enable client notifications using an open standard that replaces proprietary implementation and offers more interoperability.

For complete release notes, refer to the Bosch IoT Gateway Software online documentation.