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Bosch IoT Insights: Access Control Extension, Raw Data Storage

Access Control Extension preparation

The preparation of the Access Control Extension feature for Bosch IoT Insights still continues.

This release include the new feature to managing the access rights of devices (INS-1344).
As a result, you can adjust the access rights for individual devices from now.
Therefore for more information have a look into the Documentation.

Raw Data Storage preparation

We continue to work on a cheaper and better way to save input data and also enable users to upload files up to 50 Gb.
Meanwhile the first customers are already in a closed beta test of this feature, after this phase is finished a rollout to all other instances will be applied.

Processing Pipeline Improvements

It is now possible to stop reprocessing at any time.
Moreover it is direct possible to start a new reprocessing job.
Before there was the edge case that a reprocessing could not be canceled and a new start of a reprocessing was not possible.
This especially is a improvement for our STARTER and STANDARD plans (INS-924).
PREMIUM customers were not affected by this issue.

Further UI Improvements

(INS-1609) – For chart widgets you have now the possibility to add a tooltips per trace.
Before it was only possible to create central tooltips.

(INS-1358) – We have renamed the creation date label, in case a device is created as a sub device.
To separate this state from a normal creation date.


In addition the following fixes were applied to the service.

  • INS-1479: Improvement of project bootstrap stability
  • INS-1643: HTTP Push not working for Device History feature in combination with external Cloud
  • INS-1650: Root cause analysis of 401 errors during login
  • INS-1564: Improvement of the error output in the Python example
  • INS-1565: Adding missing dependencies to dev_requirements.txt in the Python example
  • INS-1594: Improvement of Orphan sup-device handling in master data logging